Dermalogica Face Mapping

27th Mar 2019

Dermalogica Face Mapping What is Face Mapping? ace Mapping skin analysis is a revolutionary new approach to skin analysis developed by the International Dermal Institute exclusively for Derm … read more

Skin Aging - Are You Speeding Up The Process?

14th Mar 2019

While science has made advancements in both topical and minimally invasive cosmetic procedures, certain lifestyle factors, such as smoking, sleep loss and sun exposure, can unknowingly sabotage your p … read more

​Anti-Aging Tips for Aging Skin

14th Mar 2019

Aging skin tends to lose elasticity and look saggy, and wrinkles develop as skin tone decreases and dryness sets in. Giving your skin a youthful look may seem impossible, but there are some things you … read more
Proper skin care techniques for sensitized skin

Proper skin care techniques for sensitized skin

Posted by Dermalogica on 13th Mar 2019

Heard the phrase “less is more”? It really applies to those with sensitive or sensitised skin. Follow these skin care dos and don’ts to help cut down on redness, reactivity, and flare-ups.Do not use h … read more